Hello All ! John here on the East coast in Charleston, WVa. Two weeks ago I contacted Choice Auto & Truck (Arizona Muscle Cars) with regard to a very nice Chevelle auto the dealership had for sale. After several conversations with a friend who knew the company and the owner I subsequently purchased the car. And now I give you my absolute and swear-by assurance this was the best automobile purchase experience i've ever had (and I have purchased many cars and two Harley Davidsons over the years). Mike Kaiser, owner of Arizona Muscle Cars has personally spoken with me on many occasions since my purchase; keeping me informed of the car's safety, protection and service (it's awaiting transport to WVa). He has answered any question i've asked without hesitation. He and his staff are Excellent people to work with ! So let me again assure you, if you are looking for a Great dealership go to AMC for Excellence in Pricing, Personal Attention and Quality. You won't be disappointed.


I recently wrote a negative revew about Choice Auto. And now I feel horrible about doing that. We purchased a beautiful looking Honda CRV. We was told, it came from a lady what passed away. A Couple of week's later we had some problems. Instead of calling Choice Auto about it, I got angry and wrote a negative revew. The Owner called us, very nice about the whole thing. He was as surprised as us to hear about the issue we had with the car. He told us, how sorry he was. He insured us, if he had known about the issue, he would have taking care of it. We was shocked, he offered to reimburse us for most of the repair cost. This made me happy and at the same time, I was feeling so bad. I should have called him before I decided to put a negative revew on line. I also realized that I was wrong. There are honest Dealer's out there. Choice Auto is one of them. My respect. I learned one thing out of all this. They are honest good people. After all this, I would buy my next car again from Choice Auto. Thank you Choice Auto. You proofed me wrong . I'm so sorry.

petra colbert

If you've never been in their showroom, you're robbing yourself of an adventure into the past except the cars are much nicer than anything most of us ever owned. Mike is very straightforward, honest and exhibits strong morals and ethics. Ethics. Do yourself a favor and check out Choice Auto!

Phil Hopkins

Mike is super cool and loves what he does. No BS, the Nova is everything he told me it was and more.

Samantha Kurk

Big shoutout to choice auto!!! You made buying a car not stressful and super easy!! Thanks Mike!

Nicole Went


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